Adam is like a magician! I have been doing the aesthetic acupuncture for a month and my face has already changed! It looks more “angelic”! Also, with acupuncture, he is helping me relax, let tensions go, and cure my stomach issues. I’m very happy and I recommend him greatly!

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Fabrizia Z

I’ve been a patient with Adam since 2017 for acupuncture/massage therapy. I’m so grateful to have been referred to him. He is very attentive with any muscle pain/stress issues, thoroughly explains his techniques and how it addresses points on your body, and has excellent bedside manner. I have fallen into complete relaxation and sleep at times where he had to wake me up or I woke up because I snored too loud :-). I absolutely recommend seeing him!

Swagata B

So far I’ve had one micro-needling treatment with Adam and I can already tell a slight difference with the fine lines that are on my face. The lines have become less noticeable. I can only imagine the results I will get with a few more treatments. I recommend Adam and his services to my friends and family.

Abb Pregular customer

I had my first micro-needling treatment yesterday. Adam was very professional and thorough in explaining the process & aftercare. After just one session I saw a big difference already. My face feels tighter, glowing, and my scars seem lighter. I can’t wait to see how my face looks in the upcoming weeks. And I can’t wait for my future treatments. I recommend this to all my friends and family.

Oneida Gregular customer

I had acupuncture and micro-needling with Adam and I must say, it takes a gifted set of hands and a great deal of dedication this be as awesome as Adam is with his work. He genuinely cares about the well-being of his patients and makes sure you’re more than happy with the results. I highly recommend him.

Samu-El Sregular customer

I highly recommend Adam. Healing, relaxing, therapeutic treatment is what you receive. I had so many knots in my neck and my shoulder and now I feel like a new person. I would recommend Adam to anyone who wants a great acupuncture experience.

Inessa Vregular customer

My name is Jaffet G. I’m a 41-year-old male. After many years of physical activity and organized sports, my body, mainly my hip suffered from chronic bursitis. I’ve seen orthos and was given stretching and rehab exercises to help with my condition. They did help a little but the pain persisted and I learned to deal with this condition as my activity level diminished to just being able to walk. I saw Adam on a bi-monthly basis for 3 months. At first, there was an initial improvement but as I went for additional massage therapy treatments the bursitis pain has subsided and I am now able to exercise and play basketball and run with no fear of pain. I now see Adam every 3 months for a “tune-up”. Thanks, Adam

Jaffet Gregular customer

Adam gives the BEST massages!!! I discovered Adam through an Amazon Local deal, but it has never paid off this well! I’ve had a lot of massages over the years but never this good. I always scheduled my massages after long road trips, and I left the appointments feeling so relaxed you never would have thought I spent four hours on a bus or a week living out of a suitcase. And he’s so affordable I don’t waste time looking for any more massage deals. Buy one of his massage packages. You’ll be so grateful you did, especially if you want to treat yourself or someone special. It’s THE PERFECT gift. And I know he’s very effective for medical massage too. Apparently, some of his regular clients go specifically for help with injury, neuropathy, and other medical issues. I’m just a chronically stressed New Yorker who loves a good massage?

Carly Bregular customer

Nice find via voucher. Adam was very good: quiet, patient, attentive. The space is in a nondescript office building — no pretension but clean with a good vibe.It’s not my neighborhood but I’d actually go back at full price if my downtown go-to guy weren’t available.
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Kitt Tregular customer